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Thank you for your interest in Lakeshore Nannies.  We have been around for over 15 years working with nannies and families in the community.  Lakeshore Nannies believes that every family deserves to have a professional nanny that complements their family's values and goals for their children.  We respect all of our clients' requirements.  Our Nanny Counselors will work with you to to find and match the candidates that best fit your family requirements and needs. We take pride in placing quality nannies.  Then, following up with orientation sessions and best practices after the placement.  We want this to be a wonderful experience for our families and nannies. 

Placement Process:

  1. Personal consultation via phone or in-person.
  2. Family Agrees to Referral Agreement & Completes Family Profile online.  Please note that we are licensed in the state of Illinois and are required to have this on file before we can release Nanny profiles.
  3. Families may use our app to review nanny candidates and schedule interviews. LSN can schedule interviews for you.  Receive and review candidate profiles.
  4. Select candidates for interview.  Lakeshore Nannies will schedule all interviews for you or you may schedule interviews online.
  5. ​Interview nannies and make an offer to selected nanny.
  6. Nanny accepts position.
  7. Nanny Order Form is submitted to Lakeshore Nannies.
  8. Background check is completed.
  9. Nanny begins employment. 
  10. Nanny Employment Contract is submitted to Lakeshore Nannies.
  11. Lakeshore Nannies conducts an In-Home Visit to assist with employment and review Best Practices.


We're excited to announce that we are moving our booking and scheduling process to the Sitter Pro system.  Sitter Pro is a booking system that provides an app for our clients to book and pay our caregivers for temporary care with a few taps instead of having to call the office! 

To get started:

  1. Electronically Sign the Referral Agreement Below.
  2. Download "Sitter Pro" in the Apple App or Google Play Store.   (Tip: the logo is red with white text!)
  3. Open the app and tap Register. 
  4. Enter the email address we have on file for you (this address), then create a password to use when logging in.  You can change your email address to another one once you're in the app.
  5. You’ll see your name and cell phone number already entered.  Review to ensure it’s correct, then verify your phone number by entering the code sent via text.
  6. Once verified, you'll be taken to the home screen.  You can tap 'Profile' and add or update your family details, addresses, emergency contacts, and payment method.

Nanny Referral Agreement & Pricing

This Agreement is made between Lakeshore Nannies, Inc. and you hereinafter called “Client.”

The parties agree as follows:

1. The Client engages Lakeshore Nannies to identify and refer qualified Candidate(s) for in-home childcare. Lakeshore Nannies accepts the engagement and will refer Candidate(s) to the Client based upon the consistency of the Candidate’s experience and education to the Client’s Family Profile (attached), validation of information provided by the Candidate, and assessment of the Candidate’s suitability during preliminary telephone and in-person interviews.

2. Final approval and employment of any Candidate is solely at the discretion of the Client. Client is encouraged to verify any and all history or references on any applicant prior to employment of Candidate.

3. Lakeshore Nannies’ Referral Fee Schedule is attached and incorporated into this agreement. Upon selection of nanny, Client will complete Nanny Order Form.  Client understands and agrees that Referral Fee is due in full and payable in our office within 3 business days of any written or oral acceptance of any written or oral employment offer to Candidate by Client. Referral Fees will be charged to the credit card on file with the Nanny Order Form.  If status of nanny’s position is extended from Temporary Nanny to Seasonal Nanny or Seasonal Nanny to Permanent Nanny, the difference will be charged to the credit card on file with the Nanny Order Form.

4. Client understands and agrees that Lakeshore Nannies has invested substantial time and resources in recruiting and screening applicants.  Should Client employ any Candidate referred by Lakeshore Nannies, in either a temporary or permanent capacity within 24 calendar months from the time of introduction, Client shall owe Lakeshore Nannies, Inc. the full appropriate placement fee.  Further, Client understands and agrees that all information regarding candidates refereed by Lakeshore Nannies is proprietary and confidential.  Client therefore agrees to keep in confidence the identity of all Candidates referred by Lakeshore Nannies and the contents of any documents, including computer media, video, photographs, handwritten documents, and printed reports, forwarded for Client’s review.  All proprietary and confidential material will be returned to Lakeshore Nannies, Inc. upon request.

Lakeshore Nannies will exercise due diligence in confirming the validity of information proffered by candidates regarding their experience, employment history, and authorization to work in the United States.  Lakeshore Nannies will perform preliminary interviews of Candidates to assess the conformance of the Candidate with the Client’s Family Profile. 

Upon selection of a Permanent Full-Time or Permanent Part-Time Candidate by the Client, Lakeshore Nannies will undertake a more comprehensive review of available public records.  These will include a Criminal and Civil check in counties of Candidate’s known residence for the last 5 years, Department of Motor Vehicles, and possible sex offender offenses and incarcerations.  Documentation of this review will be provided to the Client.


5. Guarantee Terms: If a Candidate, referred by Lakeshore Nannies and employed by the Client, resigns, abandons, or is “terminated for cause” within 30 days of the start date, Lakeshore Nannies will, at the discretion of the Client, renew the search for another Candidate, at no additional Referral Fee to the Client or Lakeshore Nannies will refund a pro rated portion of the Referral Fee to the Client.  Refund will equal Referral Fee less 25% of the gross salary earned by Candidate.

Permanent Nanny Placement: Enrichment Program Only:  If a Candidate, referred by Lakeshore Nannies and employed by the Client, resigns, abandons, or is “terminated for cause” within days 31-180 (6 months) from start date, Lakeshore Nannies will, at the discretion of the Client, renew the search for one replacement Candidate based upon Clients original Family Profile, at no additional Referral Fee to the Client.  No refund will be given after 30 days of employment.

Candidate search renewal is void:

  • If Client defaults in payment to Nanny or Lakeshore Nannies (i.e. is late in payment or has a returned check).
    Note: Referral Fee is due in full and payable in our office within 3 business days of any written or oral acceptance of any written or oral employment offer to Candidate by Client.  Payment is considered late if received after 3 business days of acceptance of any written or oral acceptance of employment offer.
  • If Lakeshore Nannies does not receive a signed Nanny Employment Contract within 10 business days of employment offer.  Employment Contract or Nanny Job Description will include: salary, hours, overtime, vacation days, sick days, any additional job requirements and responsibilities.  Lakeshore Nannies will provide the Client with a template for their use.

6. Lakeshore Nannies will use its best efforts to refer qualified Candidates to the Client; however, it does not guarantee the credentials or performance, or Client satisfaction with any Candidate. If the Client is dissatisfied, Lakeshore Nannies, Inc. strictly limits its liability to the terms of the replacement policy described in Section 5 above.

7. Client gives explicit permission to Lakeshore Nannies, Inc., at its discretion, to release Family Profile information to potential Candidates.  Lakeshore Nannies will use its best efforts to protect the privacy of the Client until an individual is agreed by the Client to be a potential Candidate.

8. Client agrees to indemnify Lakeshore Nannies and hold it and all its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and representatives harmless from any liability, costs or expenses arising out of any claim against Lakeshore Nannies, relating in any way to Candidate’s employment.  

9. This Agreement is between the Client and Lakeshore Nannies only. No Candidates are party to this Agreement, nor is Lakeshore Nannies party to any agreements between Client and Candidate. This Agreement is the entire understanding between both parties and may be modified only by written agreement signed by both parties.

10. Any dispute brought by Client under this Agreement shall be resolved in Lake County, IL.  

11. In the event Lakeshore Nannies, Inc. does not receive payment, Lakeshore Nannies will pursue collection of amounts due under this Agreement through a collection agency. 

12. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be void, the remainder of the Agreement shall stand in full force and effect.  No Court shall resolve any ambiguity in this agreement against Lakeshore Nannies, as Client has had an opportunity to have the agreement reviewed by an attorney. This agreement shall be governed by Illinois law.



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